Dental Bridges

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Tooth Bridge Services in Albuquerque

​If you have lost or are missing one or more teeth, dental bridges might be a great solution for you.  A dental bridge will replace missing teeth by using the patient’s current gum structure and the teeth around the gap to fill in missing teeth.  It uses a pontic, a filler tooth, and two dental crowns.  The two dental crowns are used to anchor the pontic crown; this allows the pontic to fill the gap caused by your missing teeth.

Why Do I Need A Dental Bridge?

  • The gaps in between your teeth will cause the remaining natural teeth to shift.
  • The areas with missing teeth can lead to problems with your bite, jaw and gums.
  • Dental Bridges can prevent periodontal disease.

Dental bridges look, feel and function like your natural teeth and will give you a confident looking smile for years to come.  Call our office at (505) 903-6999 to schedule your appointment to replace your missing teeth and get your new dental bridge.