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Dentures in Albuquerque, NM

If you have or need dentures you probably have two goals in mind.  A beautiful smile or to be able to eat comfortably.  Replacing your missing teeth with dentures not only gives you back your smile but it is also good for you health.  You will be able to eat more easily and speak more clearly.

Dentures also provide the necessary support to maintain the shape of your face.  Without the necessary teeth, your face may lose the support it needs.  Your cheeks and lips may look sunken and facial muscles tend to sag making you look older than you really are.

Complete dentures come in two types: Conventional and Immediate

Conventional Dentures

With conventional dentures any remaining teeth are removed from the patients mouth.  Once tissues in your mouth have healed which can take several months the completed denture can be inserted into your mouth and used.

Immediate Dentures

On the other hand an immediate complete denture is inserted as soon as any teeth are removed.  Our dentists will have made your dentures in advance using measurements taken at an earlier appointment.  So with immediate dentures the patient will have a full set of dentures during the healing process.


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So if you need to get fitted for dentures or need a new pair our dentists can provide you comfortable dentures with a natural appearance quickly and affordably.  Call our office at (505) 903-6999.