Dental Fillings

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Get Your Cavities Treated In Our Albuquerque Office

TruCare Dental and our team provide tooth-colored fillings in the Albuquerque area to patients who need to reverse dental decay. Most tooth-colored fillings used in cosmetic dentistry are made from biocompatible composite resin materials, which are safe and non-irritating for the patient. This strong plastic material can be designed to match the bright color of your smile while fixing your decayed or damaged teeth.


Why Do I Need Tooth Colored Fillings?

If you’re embarrassed about your smile because of decay or dark dental fillings in your teeth, you may be a good candidate for composite resins, or tooth colored fillings.  These natural looking fillings have many advantages over traditional silver, or amalgam dental fillings.

  • Safer for Teeth
  • ​No Tooth Discoloration
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Preserves More Of The Tooth
  • Custom Shading
  • ​Long Lasting
  • Replace Old Metal Fillings
  • Improved Confidence

In the event that damage to a tooth is advanced, we replace the decayed or broken area with a white filling and cap the tooth with a crown. Our porcelain crowns are color-matched to your other teeth to restore your smile.  Contact our office today and schedule your appointment!