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Let TruCare Dental Be Your Humana Dentists

If you are trying to keep up with your oral health or just have a dental emergency and have Humana dental insurance then let our office help.  We can help you and your family with simplest to the most complex dental procedures all while saving you money because we are dentists that accept and are in network with Humana dental insurance in Albuquerque.  Seeing our dentists regularly will increase your oral health and allows your teeth to maintain a bright appearance.

So what our office typically sees is that there are two reasons people do not typically come to the dentist.  One is because they are convinced that the dentist is expensive and that they simply can not afford to go.  And two is because some people have a fear of the dentist.

Why You Have Humana Dental Insurance

The reason why you and your family have dental coverage through Humana is to make dental care much more affordable.  By utilizing your dental coverage and going to an in-network Humana dental office like TruCare Dental you will see a 30-40% savings as opposed to going to a dental provider that is not in-network with Humana.  Most all Humana dental plans pay 100% of your diagnostic & preventative dental services (these are things like exams, x-rays and cleanings) as well as covers a large percentage of other dental services that you may need.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Our Humana Dentists

Quite simply our dentists are empathetic to all dental situations and truly just want to help.  They will answer all your questions and provide you with their recommendations to achieve the best oral health.

So now that you know that you shouldn’t be afraid to come to our office and that we are in-network Humana dental providers call our office to schedule an appointment at (505) 903-6999 or schedule online.