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Albuquerque residents who have Metlife dental insurance can fix all of their dental needs without having to spend a lot of money by visiting an Albuquerque Metlife dentist.  Many dentists you may call will tell you that they accept MetLife insurance but they are not actually in-network with Metlife which is where you will receive the benefits of lower fees when you visit the dentist.  As a customer of Metlife, you can be assured that TruCare Dental provides in-network Metlife dentists in Albuquerque.

You Found Your Albuquerque Metlife Dental Providers

With your MetLife PPO plan we can provide comprehensive dental care including but not limited to dental exams, teeth cleanings, fillings, extractions, partials, dentures, crowns, bridges, wisdom teeth extractions and much more.  Since every employer offers different dental plans to their employees all we will need to do is verify your insurance by gathering a limited amount of information from you such as your member ID and group number.  Once we gather this info our office will be able to help you understand your dental insurance and provide you with more information regarding your PPO or Preferred Dental Program plan such as annual maximums, deductibles and co-insurance coverage.

Our Metlife Dentists Can Handle Any Situation

No matter what your needs are whether it is for an emergency or regular six month checkup and teeth cleaning our Metlife dentists can handle any situation for you and your family.  So if you are afraid of the dentist or might have anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist don’t worry we will ensure that you receive the proper care you deserve.  Typically your Metlife dental insurance will cover your exam and x-rays at no cost to you so you can not use a lack of coverage as an excuse for not letting our dental professionals answer any and all your questions about your oral care.

Our office has made it as easy as possible to find a Metlife dentist in Albuquerque, so if you need a check up, have an emergency or just need some dental related questions answered pick up the phone and call (505) 903-6999 or click here to make an appointment online.